Why Can’t We All Just be Friends?

A thought came to me as I was replying to a comment on Facebook.

As I was answering a friend I’ve known since high school, I told her that I did still fry the bacon. Trivial crap, I know. But, sometimes, it’s nice to talk about the simpler things in life, especially with all of the turmoil we have going on.

Anyway, it came to me as I wrote that, to post: “sorry, Jew friends.” This, because I know they don’t eat pork and thinks it’s wrong to do so. I learned this growing up with Jewish friends.

The thing I remember most is, that we respected one another and our differences. We talked about those differences, but we honored and accepted them.

If only we could do that today?

But, how can we do this with such opposing views? How can that be possible with one religion wanting to destroy others?

What is happening to, not just America, but our world?

Here, in America, presently it is more of a political battle.

Or, is it?

If you look close, it’s more of a battle of beliefs and disbeliefs.

This type of government versus another.

What is right; what is wrong.

Do we even know any longer?

Do you?





It’s Been a While…

I’ve started to blog on several occasions but couldn’t decide what I wanted to say. So, I’ve decided to get this out of the way so that (hopefully) I can get back to work.

Politics is something I’ve mainly stayed away from–until this year. I’ve been torn by what is unfolding. Upset. Worried. What is happening to our beloved America? Our freedom? Good morals and values? Standing with the law? I could go on.

But, since some of us have opposing views, I’ve decided to (try) to steer clear of politics. I wrote a blog that told of my feelings on what is going on in America today. I’ve realized it would be best if I don’t post it. Besides, it is just my take on things, and no one really cares.

It has stopped me from writing, though, and that’s tough. I desperately need to get back to work. I need to forget about everything but my writing. Somehow, I need to shut out “life” and get back into my story. (It’s safer there).

I have recently gotten back to typing what I’ve already written on LG book two and going back over Leatherwood Creek, book one, to strengthen two character’s relationship. I need my beta readers to finish reading, and/or need more readers. I need to get this book published!



A Taste of Leatherwood Creek

“Did you see the Buchanan fellow coming to work?

Megan? Megan? Hello?”

“Oh, sorry.”  Megan smiled at her co-worker and friend, Melinda Graves, hoping she was covering up her embarrassment. She’d been dreaming of Nick Buchanan when Melinda asked. Those tanned, bulging muscles that glistened in the morning sunlight, already layered with a thin layer of sweat, those six-pack abs, tight and hard, and those fabulous blue eyes.

“I asked if you saw that guy this morning.”

“Oh.” Megan wished the burning in her cheeks would stop. She blinked, smiled and fought to regain composure.

“You think he’s hot, don’t you?”

Megan scoffed at the grin spreading across Melinda’s round face. Auburn curls bounced when she laughed. “Honestly, he is hot. Have you seen the guy up close?”

Melinda plopped another gummy worm in her mouth. “Heck, yeah! He almost ran into me at Hank’s Grocery the other day. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes!” She grew serious, frowned and leaned across the table. “But, he didn’t even speak. Not an ‘I’m sorry’ or an ‘Excuse me’. Nothing.”

Megan turned the bag around and swiped a piece of candy. “Yes, I’ve heard that he’s quiet.”

“Quiet. Heck, folks are wondering if the guy can talk.”

The bell rang, signaling break time had ended. Megan eased to her feet. “He talks to his German Shepherd.”

“He has a dog?” Melinda asked after Megan rounded the end of the table.


“Now there’s a conversation starter.”

Megan shot a glance towards her friend. “Who says I want to talk to him?”

Melinda turned her hefty body sideways as the two walked through the doorway leading into the factories main sewing room and grinned. “I know you, remember? Megan Slater wants to talk to Nick Buchanan.”


Thoughts About Who I Am/What I Believe

As I sit here and read the six questions for creating your author message via Jennifer Blanchard’s worksheet, I realize that I don’t know the answers to some of the questions.

“I talk a lot about being who you are and being unapologetic about it,” Jennifer writes.

I’ve always been me and done whatever I wanted to do regardless of what others thought.Growing up in a small town, I learned that people are going to talk, and if they don’t have something to talk about, they will, sometimes, make things up. So, I adopted the mindset of not caring what people said or thought. I’ve always been blunt, and, at times, brutally honest. But, I have always tried to be there for someone who needed an ear, whether I actually knew them or not. (and, I’ve done this on more than one occasion).

I guess since I’ve become a published author and tried to “soften” myself, become a better person, I’ve lost touch with who I am. Or, perhaps, who I am is something that has changed and that, actually, I’ve been working on rebuilding since I hit rock bottom three years ago.

I no longer know exactly who I am. Maybe, I should use Jennifer’s questions to see if I can figure it out.

Let’s take #5 first. “What do I believe in?” I believe in having good morals and values and think that these two things are something that has been lost over the past few years. Young people do not think they should have to show respect to their elders. They think they should have the same respect as the older generation and that their respect has to be earned.

The lack of discipline and respect is breaking this country.

Which covers #4. “What do you stand for?” I stand for my Christian beliefs. I stand for the apparently “old-fashioned” way of life-the one that made this country strong and great. Our country and the younger generation are going to hell in a hurry and our leaders are making it happen. They have tied the hands of parents, not allowing them to discipline their children.

There is a difference in discipline and abuse.In no way do I support abuse. Period. I’ve experienced abuse in more ways than one over the years. But, that doesn’t mean I disagree with discipline. A good ole’ butt-whipping didn’t kill any of us. Instead, it taught us boundaries, restrictions, and respect for others. And, we knew we’d better not get a spanking at school and the parents find out or we’d get a worse “whooping” when we got home.

Children look to adults for guidance. They test adults in order to learn their boundaries, limitations, and what is right or wrong. With society tieing the hands of parents, how are these young people to learn these important life lessons?

I guess that leads into #3. “What does the world need to hear/know?” The world, or the US, needs to know that we are destroying ourselves from the inside out. Prophecy is being fulfilled. We need to wake up and realize what we are doing to our children. What kind of life will they have without learning boundaries? How will these children live as adults without knowing the rules of life?

I’m still not certain about #1. “What message do you want to share with your readers, followers, and fans?” If I were to speak on these topics often, I’d most likely start a small war and receive a lot of hate mail. So, I think I’ll give this question more thought.

Until next time,




I’m Still Procrastinating….


instead of spending all of my time editing the Leatherwood Creek manuscript, I’ve been playing around in Photoshop. I’ve created the book cover, a business card for someone else, my profile images for my website, which I also redesigned, Facebook and Twitter, and now I’ve created a bookmark. The more I learn and do, the more I enjoy it.

Bookmark with pine cones