This is hibernating weather! (and a bit about my upcoming novel)

It’s cold, even way down here in the South! This is what I call “bear weather.” The only thing it’s good for is hibernating! 🙂

I’m getting close to the end of my current WIP (work in progress). If only Cassie and Max would finish telling me their story! I have an idea for a second, follow-up book. But I need, I must, finish this one first.

Magnolia Grove is the name of this WIP, and it is based in a fictional, small southern town. Cassie Long and Max Phillips are the main characters. Cassie is an author, as I am. But she is far better and more accomplished. She’s an international bestselling author. (I’m jealous!) haha  Max is a hunk, naturally. It is a romance, after all. He is also a businessman and owns the farm next to Cassie’s, which she inherits from her family.

I could, and most likely will, reveal more later. But, for now, that’s just a little taste of what’s to come.

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