January is gone already!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. First, it was the holidays, then my husband had emergency hernia surgery. All is well now or seems to be. At the moment, anyway. 😉

I joined a writer’s group on Facebook not long ago and am astonished at how some people consider themselves ‘writers.’ They don’t want to “follow the rules” of writing, nor do they care. The thing they do not realize is, that they might be able to self-publish, but agents and publishers will frown at their work. Their first novel might be read, but the reader won’t go back for another. Some of us that have published, or are editors, have tried (some nicely, others not so nicely-haha) to explain the importance of good grammar, etc. Some have made the comment that that is what the editor is for-to correct their spelling, grammar, etc. Boy, are they in for a rude awakening!

Creative writing is a lot harder than some people realize. It was/is for me. I was like them once, thinking all I had to do was write-get it on paper or typed up. Not so. Not in the long run. You have to study your craft, continue to learn and improve on a daily basis. Listen and learn from those more experienced in order to better yourself. No one is perfect and never will be. But we can strive to improve.