How Did Grammar Get This Complicated?

Good Morning!

It feels awesome outside this morning in South Georgia! Autumn is in the air, and we can breathe again! It’s mornings such as these that make me wish we had a nice back porch or patio with a table and chairs. I would definitely be sitting outside working, especially if I had a laptop.

Things to purchase/build/projects:

redo patio

purchase table and chairs set

purchase a laptop

Instead of being outside enjoying the fresh crisp air, I’m stuck back here in my room on my PC. But, for now, that’s okay.

I have begun to read/study The Chicago Manual of Style-or should I say that I am attempting to read/study. My brain is saying, “wth?” lol

I don’t remember Grammar and Composition being this complicated in High School! I loved it back then! I could take any sentence you wanted to give me, no matter how complex, and break that ‘baby’ down into little bits. It was fun to me. I considered them puzzles to solve.


The “older” (I will never say ‘old’) brain is saying, ‘I don’t remember all of this stuff’. Plus, I think they’ve added some things. Of course, that was back in the 70’s, and a lot of the rules have changed since then.

But it seems as though  ‘the powers that be’ are uncertain what is correct. Or, perhaps it’s just me. I researched books on the topic and found different things. So, I decided it best to stick to The Chicago Manual of Style, as suggested to me by a friend. She’s a good editor. Check out her facebook page: Arizona Edit.

Have a great week!


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