Will I Ever Get Accustomed to Blogging Every Week?

Hey, again,

I’ve ventured back into my drawing this past week. I did a pencil drawing in 2-point perspective and posted an image on Facebook. A long-time artist friend and childhood neighbor of mine pointed out I didn’t do the lighting and shadowing.


Well, it isn’t something I’ve totally grasped yet. Learning that now, as well. Youtube is awesome!

Here it is again:

2 pt perspective drawing completed

Heck, I was mainly trying to achieve the 2-pt perspective! Another author/artist Facebook friend said I actually did it in 3 pt. I wouldn’t know. haha

I’m in the 4th week of the online writing class and I signed up for NaNoWrMo. This goal of 50k words during the month of November isn’t that bad. It’s achievable. I’ve been setting up my location and creating my characters. That takes time.

For those of you who read my work, I will tell you that I’m beginning a series. There will be several characters, conflict, romance…you name it.

Have an idea for a scene? A character? A plot? Is there something you’d like me to use? Let me know! Leave a comment and I might use it in the series.

I’ve been gone longer than I realized!


I knew it had been a while, but I thought I’d only missed a week!

I’ve been busy lately. I started taking an online creative writer’s class a few weeks ago and became very active in a writer’s group. I’ve done a little writing but not much on my manuscript(s). Learning more about editing; receiving crit reviews on Magnolia Grove. I could use a good, honest, trustworthy beta reader!

Now, drawing/painting has grabbed my attention again. I’ll see if I can post a picture when I’ve finished one. 😉

What can I say, I love them both!

I was also sick three days this week-virus, I think. But, hey, we all have our hurdles to crawl over (notice I said crawl over. Some of us have gotten too old to jump over).

I am considering posting the first chapter here for you to read. If you’re interested, let me know! A little feedback would be nice.

See, I just had a nice chat with an author friend and learned so much! It’s so nice to have friends who are authors, designers.

But it’s also just as nice to have friends who are readers! Let me hear from you.