Amazon is Pulling Some Plugs

A post on one of my Writer’s Group on Facebook got a conversation going between some of us. It appears that Amazon is blocking people’s books that are based on already published works you can easily find on the Internet and those who are using the keyword “bestseller” when their work is not a bestseller and a few other things.

Sorry, but if you cheat or lie to get your readers, you are not a professional author in my opinion. Those of us who “play by the rules,” who try to do things the correct way, or if we choose to break a rule, at least know the rule, are offended. We put forth an effort to make our work as clean and as professional as possible.

That isn’t to say you might find a mistake. We are still human. Errors can be found in professionally edited and published books by famous authors. But, at least we do the best we can. We might can’t afford expensive editors or are not traditionally published (I am), but we still work hard for our readers.

We respect our readers and strive to give them the best quality work possible!

Call it pride, if you’d like.

Call it respecting our readers if you will!


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