Blurb for Magnolia Grove

The sudden death of Cassie Long’s mother brings her home for the first time in ten years. When she arrives in Magnolia Grove, she finds her mother’s house in disarray. Now, she has a break-in to contend with in addition to her mother’s funeral.

Maxwell Phillips is determined to purchase the neighboring farm from the grieving daughter. What he didn’t expect was to encounter a beautiful blonde who stole his heart the second he met her.

When the toxicology report shows that her mother was actually murdered, Cassie becomes the next target. Will Max turn out to be her lover or a murderer? Or is there someone from the past looking for a payout?

Good Morning!

…and I pick the morning “they” say is the worst day to Blog. haha. Figures.

I just have to do it when I get a nice, quiet time to do it. And that isn’t often. Not around here.

I know I’d said I would post a blurb for Magnolia Grove about three or four weeks ago, but that was before, or during, Nano. I got so wrapped up in trying to meet that 50K word count goal that I didn’t work on much of anything else. I did do another edit on Magnolia Grove after friends/authors read it and made suggestions. That helped to put me behind on my Nano word count, but it’s all good. I still wrote 32k+ words in thirty days on a new manuscript that I have titled Leatherwood Creek.

I think I’ve decided to make Magnolia Grove and Leatherwood Creek both a series. There is romance in both, of course. But these novels are more than that. These stories are about life in general and have several characters. That is why, during Nano, I tagged LG as Women’s Fiction (of course, men can read it, too).

I also worked on the cover for Magnolia Grove. I do love it, but the male model doesn’t resemble what I picture Max to look like. I have another picture that does, but I’m not sure if the guy works.

Anyway. Decisions. Decisions.

I might just make another cover with the second male model and let YOU tell me which you like best.

I bought Scrivener, which is the software program I used during Nano. It’s a great writing tool/program and helps you keep everything organized. It’s a lot easier to find things using Scrivener than having it all written in a notebook!

I am working on the blurb for Magnolia Grove. I promise. 🙂  I just don’t want to release too far in advance of the book!

Happy Holidays to each and everyone regardless of how you celebrate it!