Good Morning!

…and I pick the morning “they” say is the worst day to Blog. haha. Figures.

I just have to do it when I get a nice, quiet time to do it. And that isn’t often. Not around here.

I know I’d said I would post a blurb for Magnolia Grove about three or four weeks ago, but that was before, or during, Nano. I got so wrapped up in trying to meet that 50K word count goal that I didn’t work on much of anything else. I did do another edit on Magnolia Grove after friends/authors read it and made suggestions. That helped to put me behind on my Nano word count, but it’s all good. I still wrote 32k+ words in thirty days on a new manuscript that I have titled Leatherwood Creek.

I think I’ve decided to make Magnolia Grove and Leatherwood Creek both a series. There is romance in both, of course. But these novels are more than that. These stories are about life in general and have several characters. That is why, during Nano, I tagged LG as Women’s Fiction (of course, men can read it, too).

I also worked on the cover for Magnolia Grove. I do love it, but the male model doesn’t resemble what I picture Max to look like. I have another picture that does, but I’m not sure if the guy works.

Anyway. Decisions. Decisions.

I might just make another cover with the second male model and let YOU tell me which you like best.

I bought Scrivener, which is the software program I used during Nano. It’s a great writing tool/program and helps you keep everything organized. It’s a lot easier to find things using Scrivener than having it all written in a notebook!

I am working on the blurb for Magnolia Grove. I promise. 🙂  I just don’t want to release too far in advance of the book!

Happy Holidays to each and everyone regardless of how you celebrate it!


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