A Hint of Magnolia Grove

Cassie’s eyesight blurred as the lush Georgia landscape grew familiar. With a shaky hand, she brushed away a lone tear. The big country house hadn’t changed in ten years. Flat white paint covered the boards. Pine-colored shingles, though somewhat faded, sheltered the high-pitched roof. The front porch held the identical hunter green, wooden rockers and porch swing. The massive southern oak continued to stretch its lazy limbs, depriving the front yard of sunlight and grass.

Only one thing was missing: her mother.

Getting There!

Hello, again.

It’s been a month since I’ve blogged. We’ve all had the flu around here. Then, mine and the hubby’s turned into sinus infection, cough, etc. We’re still not completely over it.

Magnolia Grove, the manuscript, is pretty much ready. Now, it’s the cover that’s giving us a problem. I’m asking a few of you for input. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.