It’s Been a While…

I’ve started to blog on several occasions but couldn’t decide what I wanted to say. So, I’ve decided to get this out of the way so that (hopefully) I can get back to work.

Politics is something I’ve mainly stayed away from–until this year. I’ve been torn by what is unfolding. Upset. Worried. What is happening to our beloved America? Our freedom? Good morals and values? Standing with the law? I could go on.

But, since some of us have opposing views, I’ve decided to (try) to steer clear of politics. I wrote a blog that told of my feelings on what is going on in America today. I’ve realized it would be best if I don’t post it. Besides, it is just my take on things, and no one really cares.

It has stopped me from writing, though, and that’s tough. I desperately need to get back to work. I need to forget about everything but my writing. Somehow, I need to shut out “life” and get back into my story. (It’s safer there).

I have recently gotten back to typing what I’ve already written on LG book two and going back over Leatherwood Creek, book one, to strengthen two character’s relationship. I need my beta readers to finish reading, and/or need more readers. I need to get this book published!



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