A Sad Day in South Georgia

Yesterday morning, Sunday January 22nd, 2017, we got a tornado warning on our phones. The weather had awakened all of us just minutes prior, although we weren’t aware that it had.

We were sitting under the carport, watching the weather. It got dark, and the tops of the trees started to twist. Then, in an instant, the lights went off as far as we could see, and the wind stopped blowing. Needless to say, we ran inside.

When we went back out, sirens could be heard coming from all directions. It was obvious something bad had happened. It wasn’t long before we learned that Sunshine Acres had been hit.

Not only was the trailer park destroyed, but homes, barns, more trailers. It’s a massive mess in several areas.

Today, the outpouring of help has been amazing. There was so much traffic that the police was directing it. We were told they had so many donations that they couldn’t take more today. There was no more room.

It’s heartwarming to see that people still come together, regardless of race, social status, education–whatever. It does not matter.

This is the South. We take care of one another.


One thought on “A Sad Day in South Georgia

  1. I’ve never seen so much destruction happen in so short a time. It warms my heart to see strangers, regardless of race or religion, work in harmony to restore their neighbors well- being. Dougherty County suffered loss of life and property also. My heart cries for the lost children.

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