My Other Love….

I love writing. I do.

Yet, there are other things I enjoy. Graphic Design is one of them.

Recently, I created a website for a friend. I designed the image, the banner and the website. I used techniques I hadn’t before, realizing there was a lot easier way to do things than the way I’d been doing them. What can I say? I’ve always seemed to be one who did things the hard way. But, that is part of the learning process, and it was a lot of fun.

Here it is.


If you enjoy reading paranormal mystery/women’s fiction, then I suggest you give Penny’s book a read. There is a refreshing uniqueness to this series that you will love. It’s clean, although there is romance and murder, and there is some comedy thrown in. Jolene (the main character) is so real that I feel as though I know her. And, she is a hoot!


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