Leatherwood Creek has turned into a nightmare.

I’ve shelved Leatherwood Creek for a while. I can’t seem to get it written the way it needs to be written.

You see, at first, I wanted it to be like a “soap opera.” There are several characters in this WIP (work in progress), and, at first, most had their POV (point of view) shared. It took a lot of work and was hard to keep up with. I have books of notes. But, it seemed to be too much. Plus, it made some of the scenes too small, which affects the pace and makes it read too fast. This might be okay for TV, as a friend told me, but reading it is another thing.

So, I rewrote it, and It still doesn’t work. Not the way I want or need it to work.

Therefore, the shelf. I’m going to let it simmer a while and work on something else.

And, whoever said writing a novel was easy!

Until next time.



Life has a way of catching up with us. Suddenly, we realize we’re no longer young. Twenty years have passed in an instant–a blink of an eye.

Do you ever wonder how different your life would be if you’d made other choices? I understand we’re not supposed to have regrets or dwell on the past. But, I feel certain some, if not all, of us, have wondered how another path, or choice, would have altered our lives.

Hubby and I have discussed it–not with regret but curiosity. Capable of pitching a baseball 95 mph at the age of 15, if his dad had made a different choice, or if he had not allowed certain things to get in his way….would he have gone pro? I think so.

Many decisions were either out of our control (or we thought they were) or made in haste. Not much thought or preparation was put into our choices. Our childhood, and the way we were raised, affected our thoughts and our view of the world.

Now that I am older, I look back and realize how important choices are. Choices have a major impact on our lives and futures. Decisions should not be made in haste because we will have to live with the consequences of those decisions–some for a lifetime.

Take the time to think it through. Consider your future and how you want your life to unfold. Twenty (or more) years will be gone with a blink of the eye.


Gettin’ Older Ain’t No Fun

The actual fact of getting older doesn’t bother me. I consider each birthday a blessing. Where I was granted another year, others departed this earthly existence for one of rest and peace (or, at least, we hope).

I look around and wonder what happened. Where did time go? What do you mean it’s been ten years? I thought it had been about two. We’re not supposed to be this old. Not yet! Time needs to slow down. I’m having trouble keeping up.

Yet, I don’t want to slow down. I’ll look at something that needs cleaning. My mind says it’s an easy job and shouldn’t take much time or effort.

My body laughs.

What used to be easy, and even funĀ is either hard or impossible to do. It’s frustrating and frankly, a pain in the butt.

Some of us are lucky. We’re still in good physical shape, look good, and go and do as if we’re a lot younger. Others, like myself, have to accept the fact we can no longer do things we once could.

That is the frustrating part–your mind telling you it should be easy. Your body saying, you no longer can.

What are your thoughts on getting older? Any stories (funny or otherwise) you’d like to share?

Until next time,