Gettin’ Older Ain’t No Fun

The actual fact of getting older doesn’t bother me. I consider each birthday a blessing. Where I was granted another year, others departed this earthly existence for one of rest and peace (or, at least, we hope).

I look around and wonder what happened. Where did time go? What do you mean it’s been ten years? I thought it had been about two. We’re not supposed to be this old. Not yet! Time needs to slow down. I’m having trouble keeping up.

Yet, I don’t want to slow down. I’ll look at something that needs cleaning. My mind says it’s an easy job and shouldn’t take much time or effort.

My body laughs.

What used to be easy, and even fun is either hard or impossible to do. It’s frustrating and frankly, a pain in the butt.

Some of us are lucky. We’re still in good physical shape, look good, and go and do as if we’re a lot younger. Others, like myself, have to accept the fact we can no longer do things we once could.

That is the frustrating part–your mind telling you it should be easy. Your body saying, you no longer can.

What are your thoughts on getting older? Any stories (funny or otherwise) you’d like to share?

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One thought on “Gettin’ Older Ain’t No Fun

  1. The thing I hate the most about growing older is my lack of patience worsens, and I find myself boxed in by my own hasty words. Add to that, the effects of gravity, and my mother coming to live on my face, and it’s sucks. However, I’m grateful for every day I can listen to the songbirds. Great post.

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