I’ve been out of commission…

…for about a month. We’ve all had what some of us refer to as the “crud.” Mine started as allergies for about a week and a half, then I caught this crap that was wicked. I still have congestion.

Leatherwood Creek would have been “shelved” whether I’d wanted it to be or not. So was Taunted Dreams. I haven’t felt like doing anything.

But, it’s worked out well.

After an Ask the Author segment last night with internationally best-selling author Nikki Prince, I realized what I originally wanted to do with Leatherwood Creek will work. I didn’t know until last night there was a difference in series’ and serials. We’re never too old to learn something new, and we never know at all.

I am, however, glad I lessened the point of view characters. I think it will be easier to follow.

So, Leatherwood Creek is back in the works (or about to be). I plan to release it in segments, or episodes, that will come out fairly close together so as to not keep readers waiting too long for the next part. I now know more about how it should be done. I will be giving updates once I get going. I also still plan to add the map, a character list, photos, recipes….anything that goes along with the storyline and the South.

Now, it’s time to get back to work!

Until next time,