Memoirs: Remembering a Time When….

We occasionally make comments about how nice it would be to have letters, memoirs, photos–stories from our past–that open up another place in time when things were different than they are today. We use websites to search and learn about our heritage. We track our history to learn from where we came.

Yet, how many of us are doing the same? Are we recording our history, our past, so that others may one day have a look at our time, our place in history?

I’ve pondered these questions before and thought that I didn’t have anything interesting to notate. But, when I think back, what might seem trivial to me could be a keepsake to others.

What do you remember about your past? How did your hometown look when you were growing up? How has it changed? How was your life without cell phones and internet? Computers?!

Have a story to share about your past? Message me on Facebook or Twitter to let me know!

Until next time,



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