About Me

I was born and raised in a two-traffic-light town nestled in the heart of South Georgia, where everyone knew you and your business-whether true, or not.

I loved English while in high school and college and excelled in my classes. Art and English were my loves; Math and Science, my nightmares.

It wasn't until the 1980's (Yes, I'm older. I'll never admit to being old, although some days I feel as if I'm 102) that I started writing. I would get lost within my character's worlds and block out everything else. It was my stress-reliever during some tough times. 

I became serious about a writing career around 2008, and through information on the internet and those I met, I learned quickly I didn't know the "rules" of writing, especially Romance. So, I read books and articles, took classes and workshops. I studied the art of writing.

In 2013, my first Contemporary Romance Novel, Full Circle, was traditionally published with The Wild Rose Press. It was the same year my mother became terminally ill and moved in with us. My release day came and went without barely a notice.

I did finally get back to writing and self-published my second Contemporary Romance, Magnolia Grove, in 2016. 

Once, completed, I ventured into writing a serial-something similar to a 'soup opera'. It was a difficult task, with 18+ characters, keeping up with everything and everyone. I accomplished my goal, but it didn't work. Too many characters to keep up with at one time.

So, I started over, then over again. I think I'm on my 4th or 5th rewrite. But, I have to laugh. It's one of the struggles of the job.

Please join me on my journey through South Georgia and the country. I'll throw in a good recipe once in a while and some photos of good, old South Georgia.