My Other Love….

I love writing. I do.

Yet, there are other things I enjoy. Graphic Design is one of them.

Recently, I created a website for a friend. I designed the image, the banner and the website. I used techniques I hadn’t before, realizing there was a lot easier way to do things than the way I’d been doing them. What can I say? I’ve always seemed to be one who did things the hard way. But, that is part of the learning process, and it was a lot of fun.

Here it is.


If you enjoy reading paranormal mystery/women’s fiction, then I suggest you give Penny’s book a read. There is a refreshing uniqueness to this series that you will love. It’s clean, although there is romance and murder, and there is some comedy thrown in. Jolene (the main character) is so real that I feel as though I know her. And, she is a hoot!


A Sad Day in South Georgia

Yesterday morning, Sunday January 22nd, 2017, we got a tornado warning on our phones. The weather had awakened all of us just minutes prior, although we weren’t aware that it had.

We were sitting under the carport, watching the weather. It got dark, and the tops of the trees started to twist. Then, in an instant, the lights went off as far as we could see, and the wind stopped blowing. Needless to say, we ran inside.

When we went back out, sirens could be heard coming from all directions. It was obvious something bad had happened. It wasn’t long before we learned that Sunshine Acres had been hit.

Not only was the trailer park destroyed, but homes, barns, more trailers. It’s a massive mess in several areas.

Today, the outpouring of help has been amazing. There was so much traffic that the police was directing it. We were told they had so many donations that they couldn’t take more today. There was no more room.

It’s heartwarming to see that people still come together, regardless of race, social status, education–whatever. It does not matter.

This is the South. We take care of one another.


Tips on Book Covers for Self-Published Authors-by Bryn Donovan

One of the things I loved about self-publishing after being traditionally published was the fact that I had control over my own book cover design. I think a lot of indie authors enjoy that! Although I have strong opinions about covers, I’m not a designer. I hired a professional to design my self-published book cover, and I’ll…

via Self-Publishing: Book Cover Design Mistakes to Watch Out For — Bryn Donovan

Writing Isn’t Easy

Years ago, when I was much younger and naive–or perhaps, stupid–I thought all one had to do was write a story and try to have it published.

Nope. No way. Ain’t happenin’.

Once I began to study the craft, and especially after the internet evolved, I realized there was much more to this than writing.

I loved the stories that played in my head and the characters in those stories. But, writing the stories so that a reader could see, taste, feel, everything the way I saw it, involved a lot more than I realized. I have to show and not tell, the grammar has to be correct, sentence structure has to be considered. The pace has to be right, and most of all, I have to grab that reader’s attention as soon as she/he starts reading if I’m going to keep her/him reading.

Then, once that manuscript is as close to perfect as I can get it (or get to a point I just have to let it go) comes the task of having it published. Another joy.

Oh, and not let us forget promotion. Oh, no. That is a huge part of this. See, you can write the greatest book possible, but if people don’t know about it, you’re screwed. It isn’t going to get read.

So, when you read a book, try to remember that the author went through a lot of work to get that book published, and if you like the book, give that author a good review and let others know about the book.




Happy New Year!

Wow. It actually just set in that tonight is New Years Eve. Where have I been?

It’s taking me a while to regroup and get up and going again. Although I bought a new computer approximately a month ago, with Christmas and other things going on, I have yet to plan, set goals and make schedules.

Of course, there always seems to be something to come along and destroy those schedules. Haha. Never fails. But, at least by having them it helps to get back on track.

Well, most of the time.

What are your goals for the new year?

It’s time for me to sit down and figure out mine!

Why Can’t We All Just be Friends?

A thought came to me as I was replying to a comment on Facebook.

As I was answering a friend I’ve known since high school, I told her that I did still fry the bacon. Trivial crap, I know. But, sometimes, it’s nice to talk about the simpler things in life, especially with all of the turmoil we have going on.

Anyway, it came to me as I wrote that, to post: “sorry, Jew friends.” This, because I know they don’t eat pork and thinks it’s wrong to do so. I learned this growing up with Jewish friends.

The thing I remember most is, that we respected one another and our differences. We talked about those differences, but we honored and accepted them.

If only we could do that today?

But, how can we do this with such opposing views? How can that be possible with one religion wanting to destroy others?

What is happening to, not just America, but our world?

Here, in America, presently it is more of a political battle.

Or, is it?

If you look close, it’s more of a battle of beliefs and disbeliefs.

This type of government versus another.

What is right; what is wrong.

Do we even know any longer?

Do you?





It’s Been a While…

I’ve started to blog on several occasions but couldn’t decide what I wanted to say. So, I’ve decided to get this out of the way so that (hopefully) I can get back to work.

Politics is something I’ve mainly stayed away from–until this year. I’ve been torn by what is unfolding. Upset. Worried. What is happening to our beloved America? Our freedom? Good morals and values? Standing with the law? I could go on.

But, since some of us have opposing views, I’ve decided to (try) to steer clear of politics. I wrote a blog that told of my feelings on what is going on in America today. I’ve realized it would be best if I don’t post it. Besides, it is just my take on things, and no one really cares.

It has stopped me from writing, though, and that’s tough. I desperately need to get back to work. I need to forget about everything but my writing. Somehow, I need to shut out “life” and get back into my story. (It’s safer there).

I have recently gotten back to typing what I’ve already written on LG book two and going back over Leatherwood Creek, book one, to strengthen two character’s relationship. I need my beta readers to finish reading, and/or need more readers. I need to get this book published!